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I help companies thrive

by offering my










I develop & manage for you

the ETP Employer Training Grant Program

that will deliver $$ funds $$

to your bottome line 

for training your employees

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Review Program Details Below 


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STEP 1:  WHAT IS THE ETP Employer Grant 

RAPID Re-Employment Retraining Program?

A $$$ GRANT program designed to support Employers new hire,

re-employment & retraining efforts in the healthcare and food supply chain.

Who have been at risk working through the stay-at-home orders and now need to train new employees, rehire, re-train existing employees.

To support industries that are critical to the health and welfare of Californians and the reopening of the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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STEP 2:  HOW TO Qualify for up to $200,000 GRANT for training your employees

1.  Have 75 or more employees that earn min $15-$17.50/hr.

2.  Retain those employees for minimum of 90 days during training to receive funding.

3.  Employees work minimum of

20 hrs/wk.

4.  Establish a need to train new hires and/or re-train existing employees.  

Working with Coffee

STEP 3:  Set Up Virtual Meeting With Your Consultant & Partner Donna Dean

We will review my role as your partner:

1.  Program Pre-Qualifications

2.  Consultant Contract Terms

3.  Your Training Plan

4.  ETP Grant Development & Administration Process



Collect Your

Revenue Check.

Donna Dean will

take care of the rest.

It's Your Time To Rise & Thrive!

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